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This site was last updated June 21, 2000
Hey! My name is

FEMO is a nickname given to me by a friend.
It means "Female from Missouri,"
which is what I am!

My World Skitch
I am going to tell you a little about me and my interests. I hope you enjoy your time here and will come back. I'd like it very much if you'd sign my guestbook.

Toddler Safe Cat Approved

I'm proud to say
that this site is
toddler safe
and cat appropriate.

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Read my Dreambook!
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Free Web Clip Art
Hey, I owe a lot to this cool guy, Shawn. He supplied most of the cartoon characters that I used on this site. If you want to see high-quality, free web art, then go to his site and take a look.

Fuzzy Faces
Fuzzy Faces has great free graphics to use on your sites.
If you love dogs, then this is the place to go.

Silver's Graphics
The text graphics are supplied by my friend, Gina.
Use the clickable banner above to contact her.

Go to CATSTUFF for the most adorable free cat graphics on the Internet.
If you love cats,you won't be disappointed!
The cat and kitten graphics on my site come from CATSTUFF.

Animation Station
Try Animation Station for great animated graphics!

Kitty Roach's Page Works
You have to see these very high-quality graphics designed by Kitty Roach!
They are absolutely adorable!

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