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That's right...I GRADUATED!!

I was baptized when I was like eight or nine, and I am still a growing Christian. Well, I try to grow. I worship at a Christian Church and have been going there for about five years. Our Youth Group goes on a mission trip every other year to Mexico, and that is a great experience! The trip will happen again this summer (Year 2000).


Here are a couple of breeds I doubt you have come across before today: Venusian CatVenusian CatMartian DogMartian Dog

Yep, I really do love animals of all breeds.
As a matter of fact, I could have a zoo around here!
We have cats, cats and more cats,
a Cockatiel named "Spike," and three Welsh Corgis (Cocoa, Ginger and Boomer).
I will have LINKS for you see more about my animals.

I play basketball and it is my favorite sport. I will have LINKS to more info about the two who I consider to be the best all-time basketball players.
And I don't want to hear any arguments about that, you hear?

(c)Kitty Roach

Oh, I LOVE to chat on the Internet. I've made lots of good friends from all over the USA and Canada. Mainly, I chat in ChurchUSA Chat Rooms, by ICQ, or Yahoo Pager. I'll put the LINKS to these right here, for your convenience. You should try them, they are GREAT!
ChurchUSA: Free Real-Time Chat, and More
ICQ: Free Chat, Voice Messaging, and More
Yahoo : Free Voice Chat, Messaging, and More


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